Welcome to Metal Labs, where we create the most kick-ass lifestyle brands in the world! We don’t just come up with ideas, we acquire existing companies and intellectual property, add our unique spin, and slap your mama – a brand is born. Our global access, know-how, and market savviness has made us the top players in the gaming, motorsports, and lifestyle markets worldwide. We’re not satisfied with resting on our laurels though, our mission is to launch a new company every quarter that not only adds value to our IP, but also brings value to our clients. At Metal Labs, we don’t just create brands, we create savages.

GOLDEN DRAGON Worlds first Fighting Game Community based on the philosophies and meanings of the Golden Dragon.  The Golden Dragon is humanity at its best, it acts in harmony and flows of ourselves and our world.  In martial arts it defines self-perfection and symbolizes prosperity, health & wisdom – the signs that the right path has been chosen.  It’s a whole new era for virtual martial arts games for its fans & communities.

 MGL – MILITARY GAMING LEAGUE brings the Military family into the world of esports while providing a community in which members from all over the world, each with their own Military experience, can game together, compete together, and support one another through esports, while shinning spotlight on Military players.

SPEEDWAY Global motorsports gaming community where members can race, train, and learn about what’s happening globally within this genre.


FRAGD FRAGD at launch in the Summer of 2023 will be the first fully automated AI News organization covering the world of gaming across esports, publishers, games & betting on a global basis.

BATTLE SERIES A service dedicated to organizing, producing and administering gaming tournaments of all shapes & sizes. Prominent esports events powered by Battle Series include game IP licenses, live & VOD broadcasts with advertising and brand sponsor integration & activation.

ULT Featuring artist collaborations and some of the biggest brand licenses in the industry, ULT creates premium products in gaming and eSports lifestyle as well as custom gear for publishers and pro teams.

Player Omega

PLAYER OMEGA A multi-title gaming & esports tour bringing AAA experiences to under-served markets. Player Omega combines open gaming, esports tournaments, interactive experiences, cosplay, and community engagement–giving fans and enthusiasts across the country the best weekend of their gaming lives.


ULTMATE An esports content and product development company, UMV has a 22,000 square foot esports temple in SoCal creating original content IP and broadcast events.