Every initiative we lead, every new venture we foster, every company and IP we touch all reflect a common purpose at their core: level up the lifestyle industries with innovation, ingenuity, and integrity.


Metal Media Ventures is a company that specializes in working with the hottest gaming, betting, music, motorsports and lifestyle brands on the planet. We have a straightforward kick ass philosophy of using talent and experience to make decisions quickly, being oriented to action and inspired by imagination. Our goal is to always have fun while succeeding in this emerging industry. We work with some of the best companies in their respective fields, delivering unique value in each category. Whether it’s gaming, music, esports or motorsports; we aim to entertain and engage people all over the world through our partnerships.


It takes heat to forge steel, and we’ve been through the fire enough times to know what works and what won’t. Our principals have a lot of weapons in their arsenal, with backgrounds that include:

  • More than 20 years experience with major studios, game publishers, sports leagues, record labels & talent agencies
  • Overseeing sales, seeding, and acquisition of multiple companies with combined exists greater than $500 million
  • Guiding organizations through multiple Capital and M&A rounds
  • Early leadership and innovation in the streaming and VOD content space
  • Founding groundbreaking companies in gaming lifestyle, content, and esports events
  • Serving the community on numerous boards and councils
  • Providing news organizations with clear insights and sharp opinions on the business of gaming and esports